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The Emergence of Adhesives on the Construction Site

There is no doubt about it, any construction site demands a TON of material to get the job done. From drywall sheets to stucco, there are literally millions of different materials that find their way onto a job site these days. One material that is often overlooked, or not even thought of at all is tape. Now, this isn't your traditional tape that you are used to using at your desk or seeing in your garage. We are talking dry-wall seaming tape, moisture barrier tape, multi-layer insulation with adhesive backings, and much much more!

Adhesive materials on the job site have proven to be more economical, easier to work with, and usually come with a lower price tag than many alternative material options that perform the same duty. The United States is catching up, but Europe uses the most adhesive materials on both residential and commercial projects and they also boast some of the most environmentally safe and efficient homes in the world because of this. Regardless if the home-build is a 1 bedroom condo, or a 10 bedroom mansion, tape has proven to

be useful in and around the home build.

Proline Performance supplies a wide array of adhesive materials and insulation materials that can be tailored to a specific home or project. As a distributor & converter of various adhesive materials, film layers, and other specialty products, Proline can offer solutions that help save time, money, and most importantly by providing a big value add to both the eventual owner and the folks working on the job.

Contact us today to learn more about the Proline product offering!

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