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Precision Cutting


When it comes to precision cutting/converting, we have an array of capabilities and the extensive industry knowledge to provide the correct part, using the proper process, at a reasonable price.


Die Cutting

Using the correct process and capability for a material and job is invaluable when it comes to precision parts. Our wide array of presses and their individual characteristics allows us to identify, trial, and ultimately start production using the appropriate machine for customers’ materials/parts.



Proline's multiple slitting capabilities across several machines produce the highest quality converted rolls for each of your diverse applications. Whether you need ultra-thin .03" rolls or wide width rolls for laminating, we have the flexibility to slit a wide assortment of materials, regardless of their raw dimensions.



Large and small-scale printing of everything from adhesive tapes to papers and films can be accomplished in-line with many other services. Whether you need specially printed products with static or variable information, Proline has a service that can fit your specific needs.


Laminating & Coating

Adhesive lamination and coating allow you to create custom adhesives that fit your project's specific needs by applying almost any adhesive to nearly any substrate.


Spooling & Finishing

Custom finishing personalizes your product or converts it into a format that works best for your process, whether you need user-friendly finished rolls or long-length spools to decrease machine stoppage.

Consulting & Process Audit

Proline is committed to partnering with the world leaders in adhesive tape manufacturing, maintaining the most qualified project development engineers, and offering the broadest converting capabilities in the industry.



To help you get the best product to market quickly and cost effectively, we offer many digital converting solutions. Most of these processes accept standard file formats of drawings and produce prototype parts without the costly commitment of hard tooling.


Inventory Management

In a time when cutting cost without compromising quality is crucial, a properly managed inventory can do just that. An overabundance of a product, or lack thereof, can place a significant financial strain on a business. We work with our customers to avoid these situations, offering inventory solutions tailored to meet their product demand.

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