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PSAs in Transportation Applications

Today we are going to talk about the emergence of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs) in various transportation applications. Like so many other applications with tape, you don't always think that PSAs would have a place on the automobile, but you will find various types of speciality tapes all over todays vehicles.

With superior assembly-related performance characteristics, PSAs:

• Bond securely and immediately to a host of substrates

• Are easy to handle and can be placed cleanly and accurately

• Integrate smoothly into automated processes and maintain stability and integrity during processing

• Eliminate time-consuming procedures and cumbersome equipment

• Allow converters to produce complex die cuts and diverse shapes

• Eliminate the need to drill or machine parts as is required with mechanical fasteners

• Eliminate the handling, mixing or disposing of wet chemicals

• Are safe in the workplace

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With all of these applications many manufacturers have been racing to develop products to match these increasing demands. One of the biggest demands is for protection and resistance against extreme heat. As could be expected, car motors tend to get hot, so these PSAs must be able to perform under high temperature constraints. There are now PSAs available that can withstand temperatures north of 400°F, when just a few years back there wasn't a PSA on the market that could go above 300°F - 325°F. Not only will the traditional gas powered motor benefit from the use of PSAs, but many of the new electrical vehicles that are finding their way on the streets today have loads of electrical tape, as well as anti-conductive tapes all throughout the motor. Electrical tape will be an intricate material used on many of the new vehicles that we will see on the roads in the near future. There are so many examples like the application above that PSAs can provide a valuable solution to and provide alternative methods to. PSAs often provide a cost savings in some fashion, and provide many functions that aid in the manufacturing process. From heat exposure protection, to just being an overall lighter material, I think it is safe to say that PSAs will be on the automobile for many years to come!

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