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First FAA Approved Commercial Drone Identifies Roofing Maintenance & Sealant Needs

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved the first nocturnal commercial drone, which will be used to assess roofing and building maintenance needs. The SkyBEAM (Building Envelope Mapping) drone, developed through a partnership between Tremco Roofing and Industrial SkyWorks (ISW), uses video and infrared mapping to determine where buildings have energy leaks or damage to roofing. It can pick up problems like insufficient or missing window sealing or damp rooftop insulation, pointing workmen to problem areas that require attention.The ultra-high definition camera looks for gaps or tears in roofing or hairline cracks in facades.

This eliminates the need to send workmen onto rooftops to perform infrared scans at night, as well as the need to erect scaffolding for building façade inspections. Tremco Roofing and Industrial SkyWorks (ISW) formed the partnership in order to develop the SkyBEAM drone which produces interactive, consolidated reports using the information from building scans. 2 and 3D models of the building with the addition of photographs and comments from technicians guides workmen, ensures constant updates and verifies what work has been done.

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