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Chris Parker - Owner
Phone: (720) 477-1682

Christopher Parker is the founding Principal of Proline Performance, LLC.  With over 8 years of industry and application experience working both in manufacturing and distribution, Christopher and his partners believed there was a serviceable niche in the technical supply chain that would enhance the end users procurement processes while integrating engineering specifications.  Christopher comes from a family that has been in the adhesive tape business for over 60 years, and he wanted to continue the family tradition to serve the aerospace and industrial markets.

Brad Parker
VP of Development

Phone: (720) 280-9660

Proline Performance

With over 30 years in application expertise, Proline Performance excels in meeting critical needs of demanding customers. We work with the leading manufacturers in the adhesive industry to bring product and application innovation, performance consistency, and optimum technical solutions. Proline Performance works with quality managment principles to ensure continuous improvement for our customers while also focussing on applications and market strengths in the many industries that we serve. 


  • Proline will work with you to improve your application and product sourcing

  • New adhesive product development

  • Product testing and specification management

  • Inventory Management

  • Quality Control Inspection

  • Order Consolidation

  • Customer specification packaging

  • Ability to convert, die-cut and laminate products to process, reduce waste or improve through-put.

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